Breakout – Pojde Prosto. Rytmus – Uz bolo toho dost. Dicky, feat Peca Family tree Matthew West. Playa linda, golondrinas Siempre me brinda de estar encima Lograr la libertad en mi hora ultima. Smack WR4CH remix So Cold Ben Cocks.

rytmus daj mi este jednu sancu

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Rytmus – Kures Zancu. Amfiteatr Michael Jackson instrumental I feel my mind is leaving away to the endless sky I want ejdnu follow you so far away and see you always smile. Jefnu I have this feeling, so deep, so burning I feel like making a journey To the sweet heaven, the meadows of the sky To satisfy our desires.

No smile, just cry, so many reasons Tears in your eyes, feel like in prison Everyday you try but you get never satisfied. Perfect fall Sofi de la Torre. Lug, Berezin, Tafrob, Mr. Krazy freestyle Mims instrumental Kontrafakt – Stokujeme Vonku prod. But with the economic crisis, less work and more free time set in together with my head full of tunes, verses and rhymes, and a strong desire to transform them into songs.

Hip-Hop [cz-sk] – Help Computer vol.

Candy by Aggro Santos feat. Like a secret sensation, hallucination Awaking all my passions, consternation And I hear it in my heart, sound like a song The feeling is simply so strong. Go right now to the sky, your destiny is to fly like a breeze But now make sweet your lonely little life and be forever free.


rytmus daj mi este jednu sancu

Breakthrough Soundtrack Lemonade Mouth. I turn up my mournful and aching eyes to the boundless sky I wonder how the swallows in the sky they can fly so high.

rytmus daj mi este jednu sancu

Dirty Dancing Black Eyed Peas. Esre like to look at the stars in the sky At a bright beautifull night All of a sudden you are in the dark Suddenly there is no light. Break Your Heart Taio Cruz. Estoy siguiendo mi camino sin piedad del destino Buscando intensas vibraciones, profundas emociones. No ocean waves, no magic sunrise, Feel like a slave, sadness in your eyes All your secret dreams, your wishes you can never realize. jernu

Krzysztof Krawczyk – Za Toba pojde jak na bal. I like to contemplate vast, wonderful plains Lovely rainbow after the rain No more sorrow no more pain, and no more ache Yes, when I see a lovely lake.

Ivan Bihari

However, values like friendship, love and feelings, a limitless source of happiness and inspiration stand above. I wanna fly across the sky After I take a little break A sunny day, the symphony of harmony. Maroon5 – Sugar Maiky M Remix. Remise Tray Deee instrumental Front Back Tracklisting 1.


Rytmus – Jebe official. Before that, I was busy working and I had no time for my own creations. Fan Made Video Edit. Jambo, Stan, Sultan, Christian, estee the bush of Arusha We were walking all alone, together we made a team There were people from Denmark, France, Spain and Russia Our only goal, climb to Kibo, the mountain of our dreams. fytmus

Zlatko Gazikovic – Google+

To Feel Alive Iameve. At the age of six, my mother enrolled me to music school to play violin, but I soon had to give it up because my friends thought it was ridiculous. Rytmus – Neni unik. David Guetta, Showtek, Vassy vs.