Create a backup of the current configuration. MicrosoftOutlook place connector for Microsoft Outlook. Silently installing a connectors interim fix Follow these steps to install an interim fix silently. When installing the place connector for Lotus Notes, specifies where Lotus Notes is installed. The application requirements of the latest Lotus Quickr Connectors are as follows:


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Keyboard navigation This product uses standard Microsoft Windows navigation keys.

Downloading and installing the connectors

Silent installation Qktconn.exe can silently upgrade or install the Lotus Quickr Connectors from the command prompt. The default filename, if not specified, is QuickrCfg. Cannot add existing table. The application requirements of the latest Lotus Quickr Connectors are as follows:.


Administrators can silently upgrade or install the Lotus Quickr Connectors from the command prompt. The following paragraph does not apply to the United Kingdom or any other country where such provisions are inconsistent with local law: Save the install file qkrconn. In keeping with IBM’s commitment to accessibility, this edition of the product documentation is accessible. The set may or may not include products with this particular version. If your environment uses a reverse proxy to handle server requests and you want to allow collaborative installations, you should use this default configuration.


Some measurements may have been made on development-level systems and there is no guarantee that these measurements will be the same on generally available systems. As Lotus Quickr administrator, you can pre-configure your users’ desktops with various library and server preferences, defaults, and policies. The list of features to remove when uninstalling a product from this set.

When downloading the latest versions of the connectors, users now have the explicit option to install the place connector for Microsoft Outlook independently of the place connector for Microsoft Office option. Upgrading from Lotus Quickr Connectors 8. Changes are periodically made to the information herein; these changes will be incorporated in new editions of the publication.

If no file is specified, the default filename QuickrCfg. Do not import or export user preferences.

About this edition

Manually upgrading client workstations to the latest Lotus Quickr Connectors Follow these steps to upgrade the Quickr Connectors from a previous version without having end users uninstall first. Prompts the user for restart if necessary. Print out sample xml. Contacted Hosts No relevant hosts were contacted. Column with this name already exists.


GUID of module with exclusion requirement. This document is long. This task assumes qkrconn.exs have created and use a qpconfig.

Lotus Quickr Connectors

The Lotus Quickr wiki, and its related publications, are accessibility-enabled. To patch all installed connectors: The Add place to your connectors action displays by default under the Actions list for a place whether or not you have deployed connectors in your Lotus Quickr implementation. You may reproduce, distribute and display these publications solely within your enterprise provided that all proprietary notices are preserved.

Loading content, please wait Cannot delete row that does not exist. The materials at those Web sites are qkrconj.exe part of the materials for qkrconb.exe IBM product and use of those Web sites is at your own risk. Invalid Installer transform format. Do not import or export policy settings.


Silent install with no restart and settings for Lotus Notes and Lotus Sametime.