Just enjoy the alapana and resemblence between Marhazi poove and Ma Ramanan. Only a few failed to fare well in the Box Office. Please enable them to sign in. Sing and be part of the Smule community! As the story unfolds, her family finds her in Madras and love blossoms between the two. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It looks like your cookies are disabled.

margazhi poove may madham

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We will send a password reset email to your email address. Marghazhi Poove is based on raga Hindholam and the interludes in this song are brilliant.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rahman number but finally settled to what my heart said.

Margazhi Poove Mp3 Song download from May Madham | MassTamilan

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Sandhya Sonali Kulkarni is the only daughter of big shot who always controls her life and schedules her activities. Rahman Jai Ho Concert: Your password has been successfully updated.

Margazhi poove – May Madham – video dailymotion

As usual, expectations were sky high as Rahman churned out hit after hit. He broke the traditional song structure and devised his own. Coming to the song it has a brilliant prelude to start with a tweeting sound of a bird followed by beautiful beats set in a loop and then followed by flute playing the basic tune with a PAD music kind of setting in the background. Please enable them to sign in.


Margazhi poove – May Madham

This recording isn’t ready yet. Views Read Edit View history. It looks like your cookies are disabled. Have a great day….

You are now logged in. Rahman shows his brilliance here by mixing the right sounds-a right mix of synthesized bells, jazz guitar and even a santoor kind of sound in the back ground.

Only a few failed to fare well in the Box Office.

Download Margazhi Poove Song from May Madham

An Error has Occurred An unknown error has occurred. Thanks for the info that this song is of Hindolam. Incidentally Rahman uses dholaks for Hindustani based songs. By navigating the site, you consent to our use of cookies. Yes this song was macham popular in when it topped the charts. Smule Are you still there? This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat When she finds out he has planned to get her married with a US immigrant, she decides to run away from her family to Madras.


Just enjoy the alapana and resemblence between Marhazi poove and Ma Ramanan. The Journey Home World Tour Sreeram Edited by B. This is one song that is very close to my heart.

margazhi poove may madham

Due to some unfortunate events, Sandhya loses her money because of a young photographer Vineeth and now she is stuck with him until he repays her cash.

Beautiful lyrics, mundane in a few places maadham still catchy…The postlude also deserves a special praise when the scales changes. Thank you for choosing this song friends Hope you’ll enjoy singing this song.

margazhi poove may madham

But still May Madham had more beautiful numbers like En Mael Vizhundha and Minnale…Those were great numbers but it was Marghazhi Poove which stole my heart and still pooge fresh whenever I hear it. The lyrics are as follows: