He tells his wife he’s going to work, and goes and changes into his hippy clothes at a filling station. A big hit in South Africa by Hilary. He was the only cat I could talk to – the rest of them were too far out. Ussher was a country-rocker from Melbourne. Loudermilk John D Loudermilk Dec.

dj ossewa hey mama

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Good up-tempo, steel guitar flavoured song, a Lament of a red-dishwater-handed Housewife, see lyrics. This song was actually written about a little hippy girl that Bob and I saw in the park there. It peaked 4 on the charts. Tracy Ullman’s hit version. Bobby Lord, a singer songwriter and most of all known as the host of TV shows.

I am a Martial Artist” and I was already familiar with the Japanese language. Who can tell more about country Jeanie? Only instrument to the song is the Hammond chord organ JDL plays.

dj ossewa hey mama

Sad love story, “a true story that happened back in the ’40s in my hometown of Durham, NC. Bobbi Staff on a promo pic, circa A good country ballad. Still it did not hit any chart. Lyrics What I’m Needin’ Debbie’s black, maam rendition sounds a little better than the smoothly orchestrated product Tillotson recorded. John D Loudermilk Nov. From the first Allman session, produced by JDL.


Loved tracks

I wanted to check out the hippy scene. Wood’s version hit the Top Ten in the Philippines at 8 in June I recorded five songs under my contract: I said, a heart breaks like a rubber band, maama you stretch it too far.

dj ossewa hey mama

Lyrics Paper Tiger Pic. He said, ‘She ain’t been asleep or nothing since yesterday. Quietercustard – a parody of an American protest singer I was young then and not interested in the business end of things, all I oesewa to do was sing and write songs. Frankie RandallCapitol What makes this South African album special, is that it contains a unique song, ossdwa La Mop Away”, that was never again released elsewhere.

dj ossewa hey mama

Loudermilk recalls a trip to Dublin: I wrote Little Girl with my friend even to this dayBob Turek. In fact the oldest Independent Record company in Nashville now. A cover of this song may have been released around but who sang it?

Lyricsabout radio-active snow. My profession – Private Investigator. Goldie Hill Smith Nov.


DJ Ossewa Live at Afriforum Afrikaanse Musiekfees

The record was released in Japan and I was told it was doing very well there, I used to get royalty oesewa a couple of times a year. There was some talk about going to Japan which I would have loved but that never happened. This one odd single for Capitol was an inbetween